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well waterToday, at we made our first donation to WaterAid USA.The first of many. As our company grows, so will our donation. We want use this post to thank all of our customers not only for your business, but helping make a difference in the world. We often take easy access to clean drinking water for granted. Unfortunately one third of the world do not have access to proper sanitation. The long term goal for WaterAid is to have adequate sanitation and clean drinking water for every single person in the world. Achieving this would save 2.5 million lives every year!

We've decided to donate with WaterAid not only to help with sanitation but because they are a transparent and top rated charity. They really do care about the making a difference in the world.

Once again, thank you for your business, and thank you for helping make a difference. With our donations we will help give people access to adequate sanitation and clean drinking water.

If you would like to donate, please visit the Water Aid website.


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Top 10 Features of an Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

An electric bidet toilet seat can offer many benefits and comforts, depending on the model that you have chosen and the features that you insist on. From varying water temperatures to a seat that heats up for you there are electric bidet toilet seats that are the perfect fit with your budget and your bidet preferences. There is no need to install a separate bidet fixture, everything you need is on the toilet seat that quickly installs and fits into almost any bathroom or toilet model.

An electric bidet toilet seat can make your life easier and more convenient, it can help you with exceptional hygiene, and it can even offer health benefits if you suffer from problems such as hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, and other issues in the genital or anal area.

1. Heated Bidet Seat

A heated bidet seat can offer the ultimate in luxury, a warm place to put your bum when it is cold. There is nothing worse than going to the bathroom during the night or first thing in the morning and having the toilet seat feel like ice against your bare skin. The heated bidet seat can be found in energy efficient models that require little power or energy, but the benefit that it provides can be incredible.

Whether you are a senior who has a hard time getting back to sleep after sitting on a chilly seat or you are younger but you are looking for more comfort a heated bidet seat can give you an amazing experience when you go. The heated option can also help improve the way you feel because heat helps to relax your muscles and ease tension in your body.

2. Adjustable Water Temperature

A bidet toilet seat with adjustable water temperature can be found in a wide range of prices, models, and manufacturers. When you have the ability to adjust the water temperature then you can choose the temperature which is most comfortable and cleansing for your specific toilet needs and preferences.

When it is warm out you can adjust the water temperature on the electric bidet toilet seat so that it is cool and refreshing. During colder seasons you can warm things up a bit and use warmer water to get a feeling of absolute clean. An electric bidet seat with adjustable water temperature is a very popular choice. The water temperature can be used to cool and soothe any inflamed tissues or problems with your skin, and it eliminates the need for rubbing with toilet paper which can irritate things even further.

3. A Remote

bidet remote controlAn electric bidet seat with a remote is a terrific pick, and this feature is more useful than you may think. The remote allows you to make changes and adjustments, such as warming up a heated seat or changing the water temperature or water pressure that is used to clean your more sensitive areas. This is a great feature, especially for seniors and those with limited mobility due to injury or aging.

You no longer have to stretch to try and make adjustments while you are using the electric bidet toilet seat when you choose a model that comes with a remote, and it usually installs on any standard toilet seat in a short time. You do not have to spend a bundle either, there are economical electric bidet toilet seats that offer remote operation without costing a small fortune.

4. Energy Savings

Many electric bidet toilet seats come with an energy savings feature which helps to minimize power usage and keep your energy bills low. When the seat is not in use it goes into sleep mode so that little energy is required. The electric bidet toilet seat with energy savings will power back up when someone sits down on the seat, and it can conserve a considerable amount of money while preserving all of the benefits that these toilet seats can offer. Many people have smaller monthly budgets or a fixed income, and even a small savings can add up over time. There are energy savings models available for very reasonable prices.

5. Adjustable Pressure

Electric bidet toilet seats which offer adjustable pressure are very common choices. The last thing you want when you go to the bathroom is to have water at a high pressure hitting you where you are most sensitive. The adjustable pressure feature lets you make the changes that make you most comfortable after you go. You decide how hard the water pressure must be before you feel clean and refreshed, and adjustments are easy to make even if you are already sitting down.

It is possible to find electric bidet toilet seats with adjustable pressure options even if you are trying to stay within budget. A quick search will show you several manufacturers and even specific models of electric bidet toilet seats with an adjustable pressure feature. Some of these may offer only a couple of settings, others may give you a wider range of pressure options that you can use. If you have hemorrhoids, anal fissures or fistulas, or other conditions then you can adjust the water pressure and nozzle position to one that provides relief and helps to stop any discomfort, swelling, inflammation, and irritation.

6. Deodorizer

Many people are embarrassed after they use the toilet and have a bowel movement because of the smell that seems to linger, but there are electric bidet toilet seats that have a built in deodorizer feature that can eliminate this concern. You will not find a variety of scents with this feature because the deodorizer does not try to cover up odor it removes it completely. Most electric bidet toilet seats with a deodorizer feature use a carbon filter to purify the air and remove any particles responsible for the odor. An intake fan pulls in the air from the toilet, and the smell along with it. This air is passed over the carbon filter so that it comes out odor free.

7. Heated Air Dryer

A heated air dryer is a very popular feature with electric bidet toilet seats, and this feature eliminates the need for any toilet paper or a cloth for drying. The heated air dryer is similar to a blow dryer that you would use on your hair as far as function is concerned. There are various air temperatures and air pressures that you may be able to choose from, and a gentle stream of comfortable warm air dries off your posterior and genital area after the bidet has finished cleaning these regions with water. The warm current of air is relaxing and soothing, so that you are more comfortable while you are drying off. You will also save on expenses because there is no need for toilet paper, or a towel that must be washed frequently.

8. Self Cleaning Nozzles

bidet nozzlesFor a lot of people the thought of using a bidet is dismissed because they are concerned about the previous user and any germs or particles that may have been left behind. Electric bidet toilet seats that have self cleaning nozzles can address and resolve this concern in no time. After each use the self cleaning nozzles use water to rinse the appliance before it retracts, so there are no germs or particles left behind to bother you. Some electric bidet toilet seats have self cleaning nozzles that can use hot water to flush off the appliance as long as the bidet model is hooked up to your hot water supply.

9. Stainless Steel Nozzles

Stainless steel nozzles are a good choice with electric bidet toilet seats, because this material prevents bacterial growth. Since the nozzles will be spraying water at orifices which open into your body cavities you do not want any bacteria to be present or grow on the nozzles. In addition to self cleaning nozzles you can choose stainless steel nozzles if you are concerned about bacteria growth. Many models of electric bidet seats offer this nozzle material and it is a cost effective choice that can be attractive and easy to keep clean.

10. Adjustable Nozzle Position

When you are looking at electric bidet toilet seats then you should consider an adjustable nozzle position feature. Some of the most basic models are inflexible, and the position of the nozzle can not be adjusted for your comfort or your specific cleaning needs after you use the toilet. This can lead to areas which do not get thoroughly cleaned, or discomfort for you as you have to wiggle around on the seat so that the nozzle is properly positioned for your preferences.

You will find electric bidet toilet seats with one or more of the features listed above, and you can even choose models which give you everything in the list. You are only limited by your budget and your own personal preferences. Once you start looking at electric bidet toilet seats and comparing various manufacturers and models you are sure to find some that fit your budget and your ideal features.

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Baby Wipes Vs Bidets

Baby Wipes Versus Bidets: Moist Wipes are Not the Solution According to City Officials in New York

We all want to be clean after we use the bathroom, and bidets have become far more common in New York and many other areas of the world. Many people choose to use wet wipes or baby wipes to help get completely clean without having to purchase and install a bidet, and this may seem like a solution but some lawmakers in New York want to ban flushable wipes because these may actually be causing enormous problems and costing taxpayers a lot of money.

A bidet is environmentally friendly, it does not cause any problems in the sewer system, and it involves a one time purchase. Baby wipes and so called flushable moist wipes do not offer these same benefits, and they have several other drawbacks as well.

baby wipes in boxMoist wipes are touted as an effective alternative for toilet paper, and many are designated as flushable. The truth is completely different, and many of these products end up clogging sewer pipes and sewage treatment plant equipment. Wipe manufacturers say that some products decompose and break down faster than others, and they believe that consumers should do some research before buying these products.

Two New York lawmakers, councilman Donovan Richards and councilman Antonio Reynoso, have introduced a bill that would make it illegal to advertise or label any moist toilet wipes as flushable. The bill was proposed after city officials reported that tens of thousands of moist wipes are recovered from the sewage system in New York City on a daily basis. The city officials have stated that these wipes do not break down like toilet paper, and they are costing taxpayers a considerable amount of money because they are clogging pipes and equipment and must be removed.

According to Department of Environmental Protection Deputy Commissioner Vincent Sapienza taxpayers are bearing the burden of costs associated with moist wipe removal, and he commented "We have to pass that cost to everybody that pays for water." If the moist wipes bill passes and becomes law then moist wipe manufacturers could receive a fine of $5,000 for advertising, marketing, or labeling a moist wipe as a flushable product.

The same problem exists in many other cities across North America. Unlike bidets the use of moist wipes involves an ongoing cost, because new packages must be purchased on a regular basis. These products create considerable waste which must be disposed of, and they cause plumbing and sewer system issues and clogs even when the wipes are designated as a flushable product. A bidet does not include any of these drawbacks, and there are models which can be purchased for less than $100 in most areas.

Using flushable moist wipes is a compromise between using dry toilet paper and investing in a bidet, but this compromise comes at a great cost. A bidet simply uses water to clean and soothe your delicate areas, eliminating waste products while staying gentle on your skin. There is a small initial cost and no added waste to the planet, and you do not have to be concerned about sewage clogs or plumbing problems.

As an adult you want to be clean and comfortable when you finish your bathroom routine, and you also want to help the planet, keep the sewage system clear, and keep your costs down. Flushable moist wipes are not the answer. Save the baby wipes for the babies in your family and invest in a bidet instead. This type of bathroom appliance may seem unusual until you try one, but once you have experienced a bidet you will quickly realize why this is the ultimate bathroom solution and a win win solution.

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Bidets Make A Great Holiday Gift

Brondell swash with bowIt's true. Bidets make a great gift for the holiday. You know about all the benefits, but it's also the prices that make it a perfect gift for the holiday. With our prices ranging from $30 to $500+, a bidet can fit any budget.

In many areas bathroom techniques and procedures aren't talked about publicly, but we want to change that. At we want to remove the 'shyness' of discussing how we go to the bathroom. It should be a topic we can be comfortable with and speak openly about. We've sold several bidets as gifts where the individuals weren't sure how the receiver was going to react. And we admit, some did end up thinking it might have been a joke. But after the individuals actually installed and tried the bidets they loved it. Some even stated that it's the best gift they've ever received.

Holiday gifts come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. Often gifts are opened and then never used, but that will never be the case with a bidet. This is a gift that will be used over and over again, and every time your recipient uses the bidet they will fondly think of you and appreciate your gift.

Bidets come in all price ranges, and some of the cheaper models may not come with all of the bells and whistles or offer the latest in technology as far as the features are concerned. These inexpensive models still work great though, and do what they are intended to do which is clean your backside and nether regions thoroughly while being incredibly gentle and soothing at the same time.

Some of the more expensive bidets can include a wide range of features that make them the perfect holiday gift, even for someone who seems to have everything. There are both electric and nonelectric models, and electric models can be more costly but they also offer a larger selection of features to choose from. The available features that you will find on different bidet models include:

  • Warm water temperature
  • Adjustable nozzles
  • Heated air drying
  • adjustable spray width
  • Heated seat
  • Feminine wash
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Air deodorizer
  • Oscillating cleanse
  • Water pulse cleanse
  • Self cleaning nozzles
  • Turbo enema wash

Some of these features can only be found on the top of the line most expensive models, but some can be found on those with lower prices as well. Think about the recipient who will receive a bidet from you for the holidays, and consider which features they may need or would want. Even a basic model non electric can help with hygiene and soothe so it is sure to be appreciated. If you can afford an expensive model with a heated seat, several cleanse options, heated air dry, and an air deodorizer feature that is even better.

No matter which bidet you choose you can stay within your holiday gift budget, because some of the cheapest models can be found for around $30, and they can reach $500 or more if you are hoping to get all of the bells and whistles for a really impressive holiday gift.

Bidets For Every Budget

$599 - Brondell Swash 1000

$379 - Clean Sense DIB-1500R

$179 - Brondell Swash Ecoseat

$79 - Bio BIdet BB-270

$29.95 - Luxe Bidet Neo 110

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Thank you everyone that entered our social media Bidet Giveaway! We appreciate all the love and support we received! Thank you so much for sharing our contest with friends and family.

First, because of how well our giveaway went, we will be doing more future giveaways, and all of our current followers will be automatically entered to win!

Now to the winners. After a lot of work to gather our social medial followers/likes, we constructed one big list of everyone who entered. We then picked four random winners using a random generator. We then did the same process to determine who would win what prize.

The winners are:

Carisa Didoshak (Facebook) - Clean Sense DIB-1500R

Annette Prejean (Pinterest) - Brondell FreshSpa Dual Temperature Bidet

Spamgirl (Twitter) - Bio Bidet Elite3 Bidet attachment

Kathleen Conner (Twitter) - Luxe Bidet Neo 110 Attachment

Congrats to those that won! We will be in contact with all of you. Thank you again, and we look forward to our next giveaway!

Don't forget about our Happy Bidet Giveway here.





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