5 Reasons a Bidet is a Better Choice for Your Bathroom Needs

  • Better personal hygiene and cleaning
  • Greatly reduce the impact you have on the environment
  • Save money and reduce household waste
  • Better skin care and more comfortable to use
  • Reduce plumbing problems and prevent clogs

Bidets are widely used across most countries around the world, but they are not commonly available in homes across the USA in spite of the advantages and benefits that a bidet offers over a toilet. Going to the bathroom is a subject that many consider taboo, and few discuss their bathroom habits or consider other options because of the sensitivity of this subject. At first you may find the idea of a bidet funny, anyone who has never used one does not realize just how great this bathroom appliance can be or what it offers.

At first you may be hesitant to try something new, especially in the bathroom. Anyone who has used a bidet loves it, and those who have one can not imagine going back to the old toilet paper method of cleaning after using the bathroom. You should not be embarrassed to discuss your bathroom needs, we all go and everyone wants to be clean afterward. The benefits of a bidet are numerous and using one can change your bathroom habits permanently. We believe every American has a right to feel clean and fresh after using the bathroom, and we want to help increase the popularity of the bidet in American homes.

Bidets Provide Better Personal Hygiene and Cleaning

After you use the bathroom dry toilet paper still leaves you unclean, and some residue usually remains on your skin. A bidet provides water which removes any residue left on your skin, and you will feel incredibly clean and refreshed instead of feeling like you are still dirty in some way. In Japan roughly 60% of homes have a bidet, and in Venezuela and other parts of South America bidets can be found in up to 90% of the households. These appliances are very common across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The USA is one of the few countries around the globe that does not include bidets in many homes, and most Americans have never seen or used one.

Each bidet model is different, and there are many features that you can choose when you buy this type of appliance. Some bidets offer a seat warming function, many provide warm water that is cleansing and soothing, and you can even find models that provide a warm air dry option once you have finished rinsing. Dry paper can not clean you as well as water, and it can cause irritation as well as leaving behind residue.

Bidets are an Environmentally Friendly Choice

On average each American uses approximately 57 sheets of toilet paper every single day. This adds up to over 3 million tons of toilet paper used in the USA each year, and requires 54 million trees that are cut down. Even if tree farms are used 50% of the trees needed to supply Americans with toilet paper will come from virgin forests. In addition the manufacturing process to produce toilet paper requires large amounts of water. The 57 sheets of toilet paper used daily on average by each American will require 3.7 gallons of water to create.

A bidet can greatly reduce the toilet paper that is needed when you use the bathroom and this can be very beneficial to the environment. When packaging, transportation, and other additional factors for toilet paper are calculated in the cost of not using a bidet can be very high for the environment. The bleaching process used to manufacture toilet paper is very damaging to the earth and to people. Bleaching produces a byproduct called dioxin which is a cancer causing substance in humans and animals, and chlorine products are also used which leave behind toxins in the toilet paper and harm the earth. A bidet is a more environmentally friendly choice.

Save Money and Reduce Your Household Waste by Choosing a Bidet

Using a bidet can be a great way to save money while you help out the environment. You may still use a small amount of toilet paper to dry off when you are done cleaning after you use the bathroom but you will only use a fraction of the amount needed if you do not use a bidet. In addition to saving money on toilet paper purchases you will also reduce your household waste because there is less packaging to dispose of when you buy less toilet paper.

A Bidet Provides Better Skin Care and is More Comfortable to Use

Using dry toilet paper to clean up after you use the bathroom can be rough on your skin, and this is not the most comfortable thing to use. If you have any skin irritation or other problems then warm water can be soothing, and staying as clean as possible will make you more comfortable. Certain anal and rectal conditions can make using toilet paper painful. If you have hemorrhoids, an anal fissure, anal prolapse, or other problems in this area then a bidet may be the best possible choice.

You can vary the temperature and intensity of the water stream when you use a bidet, as well as where the water is directed, so you can soothe the rectal area without any rough pressure or rubbing that may cause further inflammation and discomfort.  Air dry options provide a gentle stream of warm air that does not irritate your skin. Anal itching is a common problem for many Americans, and this can be caused by residue left by toilet paper. A bidet can eliminate anal itching in many cases and help you feel better. Kids who are learning to use the bathroom do not have to remember to wipe, and if you are physically limited or disabled in any way due to a disability or advanced age a bidet can help you prevent skin irritation and other problems.

Reduce Plumbing Problems and Prevent Clogs in Your Home With a Bidet

A bide can help you reduce plumbing problems in your home, and will help to prevent clogs in your sewer pipes. A small amount of toilet paper is used, usually around 75% less and with an air dry feature this can be reduced to 0, and this means there is less that goes through the sewer pipes to create clogs. Calling in a professional plumber can be costly, and plumbing problems can be a big hassle. Use a bidet and these issues can be reduced or even eliminated completely.

With all of the benefits and advantages that a bidet offers why would anyone choose to use toilet paper alone? Americans are known for their obsession with cleanliness, yet in the bathroom where this is extremely important we continue to use the least effective method possible. Try a bidet today and see what you have been missing out on. You will quickly realize why these bathroom appliances are so popular everywhere else.



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