Which One is Best for You?

When you are considering a bidet it is important to compare an electric bidet against a non electric bidet in order to make the best choice, and pick the right bidet type for your needs, circumstances, and budget. In order to be well informed you need to understand the advantages and drawbacks of both types of bidets.

It is possible to find basic bidets that do not include a variety of features but which are very easy to install, and some of the most popular bidet models may offer many features and amenities but these may also involve more complicated or extensive installation. A side by side comparison will help you choose the right bidet for you and your toileting needs.

Electric Bidet Advantages

Electric bidets have a number of advantages for many people, and they can be a favorite for those who can afford a more expensive model. Some of the advantages of the electric bidet models may include:

  • Many more features may be offered on electric bidet models
  • Remote control operation is possible
  • A warm water wash for both the front and the rear
  • The control panel or remote can be used by right or left handed individuals
  • A heated seat option ensures no chilly greeting when you sit
  • Electric bidet models are easier to operate, especially for individuals with limited strength or mobility
  • Many models offer fully adjustable nozzles with numerous positions
  • A warm air dryer feature can be included which can eliminate toilet paper use completely
  • Usually more comfortable and convenient
  • Easier to use than non electric bidets
  • Will fit on most toilet models and standard toilets

Electric Bidet Drawbacks

There are a few drawbacks of electric bidets to go along with the many advantages that you will get from this type of model. The drawbacks may include:

You should expect to pay more for an electric model, and these are typically priced from $200 and up
An electric model requires electricity to work properly and may slightly raise the energy costs you pay
Some electric bidet models may not fit on all toilet models so ensure that the model chosen will work with your specific toilet

Non Electric Bidet Advantages

For those with smaller budgets or those who are just looking for a basic bidet without all the bells and whistles that the electric bidet models can offer a non electric bidet may be the right choice. Some of the advantages of these models may include:

  • Non electric bidets will usually fit on any toilet
  • It is usually possible to purchase this type of bidet for around $50-$200
  • Most non electric bidet models will attach to the toilet underneath the toilet seat
  • Can offer thorough cleaning just like electric bidet models

Non Electric Bidet Drawbacks

There are some non electric bidet disadvantages that you need to consider when you are comparing electric versus non electric bidet models. These can include:

  • No seat warming
  • No water warming system in the bidet itself, any warm water desired must come from a fixture close by such as a sink
  • More difficult to use
  • Water pressure is often harder to adjust
  • Not ideal for anyone with limited movement and mobility
  • Many models do not offer adjustable nozzles
  • May take some practice to use properly

Installation Requirements for Both Bidet Types

There are some installation requirements that need to be considered when you are comparing electric bidets and non electric bidets. In order to install and use an electric bidet there must be an electric outlet close by the toilet for the power required by this type of bidet model. If you do not already have a power supply available then you may need to have someone install this. Sometimes the layout of the bathroom will not allow the addition of an electric outlet.

Non electric bidet models are usually easier to install because they do not provide the same level of comfort and amenities that electric bidet models can offer. If warm water is desired with non electric bidets then the hot water line from a nearby sink or other fixture may need to be used, and getting warm water may take time as the cold water clears the line.

Which Type of Bidet is Best for You?

For many people an electric bidet is the right choice because of all the extras that are provided and the convenience and comfort that are offered. Both bidet types can help you stay clean and fresh, the final choice depends on your budget, your preferences, and your ability to move and make adjustments. For those who can afford it electric bidets are the way to go. If your budget is smaller and you are not interested in anything but basic cleaning then a non electric bidet may be the right choice in your situation.