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Our goal is to make bidets in North America as common as they are in the rest of the world, and we are determined to do this. There are road blocks our team will need to overcome however. We see three main issues with expanding the popularity of bidet use. These are product knowledge, the many bidet benefits, and the subject at hand. With our passion about bidets we hope to address these issues. Our article “Why a Bidet?” talks about the benefits and covers the subject of bidets, so we're going to jump straight into product knowledge.

Electronic bidets are a new concept to a majority of the population. To make matters worse these products range from incredibly simple to unbelievably complex. They can cost from about $40 to $1,000 or more for advanced seats, and even several thousand dollars for all-in-one toilet/bidets.

With so many different brands and so many features we want to break down the bidet, feature by feature, to help you buy the bidet that is right for you! Maybe that $40 bidet gives you exactly what you need, or maybe it’s the $600 one. Let’s find out which model and type is the right fit for you.


First, and usually most important, when considering a bidet is your budget. You have to decide on what you’re willing to spend, factoring in the costs and savings of using a bidet. The average US family of four uses 501 rolls (166 sheets per roll) of toilet paper per year, which is an estimated yearly cost of $417. Using a bidet will cut toilet paper usage by approximately 75%, saving you over $300 per year. You should also factor in the fact that this is a long term purchase. A quality bidet will last numerous years, and the models available are covered by various warranties. If you purchase a $400 bidet and divide that purchase over a ten year life span that is a cost of only $40 per year. It’s important to determine what you’re willing to spend, which functions you need, and what features you want.

The main feature of the bidet is cleaning. Every bidet we sell does this, but some do a better job than others, some have adjustable nozzles, some have adjustable widths, and there are other possible differences as well.

Water Temperature

The biggest feature upgrade on a bidet is going from cold water to warm water. Even some of the least expensive models have a water temperature option. Water can be heated via two different methods. Some models will tie in directly to a hot water line, ie bathroom sink, while other bidets have their own mini heated water holding tank. The latter provides instant warmth as opposed to a slight delay from the hot water line method.

Electrical VS Non Electrical

The bidet price can jump significantly when you go from a non-electrical bidet to an electrical bidet. With the lack of electricity the non electrical bidet models offer minimal features. They do the job and that’s it. Some of these models will have a hot wire line tie in, some will have a feminine wash feature, and some will have self-cleaning nozzles, but for the most part that’s where the features end. When you get into an electrical bidet you start to get all the bells and whistles. A basic guide to remember is that non electrical bidets will be priced from $40-$100, and the electrical bidets will start at $200 and go up from there. Keep in mind that if you do decide to go the electrical route you will need an electrical outlet to plug the bidet into.

Water temperature and electrical vs non electrical are two important factors when buying a bidet toilet seat. These two features alone will determine if you need a seat under $100 or one that is priced over $200. Now I’ll go over all the upgrade features possible with a bidet, describing how each feature works and how important each one is.

Feminine Wash

The second most common basic feature upgrade, after the basic wash, is the feminine nozzle position option. Feminine wash is a bidet feature that simply adjusts the nozzle angle, so that it moves from pointing towards the rear of the seat for the posterior to a few inches forward for women. If the bidet will only be used by a man then this feature is not needed. If it is used by a female then this may be an option that is important.

Heated Seat

This is a popular feature for many people, and it gives you the ability to have a warm seat when you sit down. This is especially nice in the winter months. This option can be turned off if desired, but many customers love the option of having a warm seat to sit on.

Heated Air Dry

Another big bidet upgrade which adds an additional step to the bidet process is the heated air dry feature. Once the bidet is used then a warm air flow can be turned on to dry the posterior area. The heat and pressure of the air is comparable to a warm air hand dryer you see in restaurant/retail restrooms. This is a pleasant upgrade, and it can dry the wet area relatively quick. When heated air dry is chosen then no toilet paper at all may be needed.

Adjustable Water Temperature

You have already decided that you want warm water, now you have to decide if you want to be able to adjust the water temperature . The majority of electrical bidets have this option, but some of the most basic electric bidets will not offer this feature. This option isn’t extremely important, but as you’re going to be spraying yourself over the course of the next several years you might want to find a temperature that you enjoy.

Adjustable Water Pressure

Another feature which most electrical bidets have is adjustable water pressure. Every individual is different, so it’s a nice option to be able to adjust how strong or how light the water sprays. Some people may find one setting too soft, while others may find it too strong.

Adjustable Nozzle Position

As you get into electric bidets you will notice that the majority will have adjustable nozzle positioning, but it’s always something you need to verify. A lot of bidets on the market are similar when it comes to operation. They differ in price because of the various features, the brand, and the quality of the materials used.

Adjustable Spray Width

This is a less common feature but some higher end bidets will have it. This is the ability to change the spray width coming out of the nozzle. It isn’t an extremely important feature but it is a bonus to have.

Oscillating Cleanse

Oscillating cleanse is another added feature on some bidets. This is not a requirement, but it’s nice to have for most people. Oscillating cleanse helps cover a wider spray area, giving further width without adjusting your body. As with many of these features this one is not a ‘must’, but if you want ultimate comfort and the best possible clean this feature is a great addition.

Water Pulse Cleanse

Water pulse cleanse is similar to oscillating cleanse. The purpose of this feature is to help get a better clean using a pulse action spray to remove any solid matter more effectively. I’m going to sound like a broken record, it’s not a must, but it’s nice to have.

Turbo/Enema Wash

The enema wash is a unique feature offered in some electric bidet models. This feature does not take the place of a doctor prescribed enema, but is often used for conditions like hemorrhoids, constipation, etc. This option is designed to give a gentle and swirling massage to relax the anus before a bowel movement.

Self-Cleaning Nozzles

One innovative bidet feature is the self-cleaning nozzle. This is common in most bidets, and it’s a reassuring feature that helps keep the bidet as clean as possible. Personally we find that this a great feature, as we prefer to have anything in the bathroom as clean as possible.

Nozzle Sterilization

Another bidet feature that improves hygiene is nozzle sterilization. There are a small number of models that use different methods for nozzle sterilization. We enjoy features like this, we all want our bathroom to be clean and hygienic.

Power Saving Mode

A small feature, one that doesn’t have to do with the bidet function, is power saving mode. This option may not seem like a big deal, but it’s always a plus to conserve electricity and save money.

Air Deodorizer

Another truly innovative feature with bidets is the air deodorizer. This feature doesn’t have a smell, nor does it spray anything into the air. Instead it works by absorbing any odor through a filter system. Believe it or not bidets with this feature have a fan on the side of the bidet that will suck in the air. This air is then filtered, removing any smells. It is recommended that filters are replaced every six months with these bidet models.

Stainless Steel Nozzles

This may seem like a small feature, but it is also an important one for hygienic purposes. Stainless steel nozzles are more resistant to bacteria, because they have no pores or cracks which may allow dirt or bacteria to get into hard to clean areas. Similar nozzles are made of silver iodide. Silver iodide is another material that is resistant to bacteria, making these nozzles a much cleaner choice than regular plastic.


Last, but not least, is any warranty offered. If you’re making a significant purchase then you want it to last. Nothing is more reassuring than an extended warranty. Some bidets do not have any warranty, but the higher priced electrical bidets usually do offer some type of warranty. Warranties may range from one to five years. While some warranties have full coverage, others only provide limited coverage after the first year.

There you have the workings of a bidet. It is important to get the bidet that you want. Stay within your budget but try to get the features that you want. One might have a feature you really want, but it may be out of your budget. Try and remember that this is a long term purchase, it’s an investment. For example, a $20 increase in price that will be spread out over five years is usually manageable.

Our Take on Bidets

I have three bidets we personally like that will suit any budget.

Luxe Bidet Vi-100, $42.98 – This is the basic bidet. NO bells, whistles, or luxury features. This bidet does the job and that’s it. We prefer the Vi-100 over the Neo 110, as it simply uses higher quality working parts. Click here to buy now.

Clean Sense DIB-1500R, $379 – Great features for a great price. This one is not going to break the bank, it’s a great product, and it has a lot of features that many of the other top end bidets have. Click here to buy now.

Brondell Swash 1000, $599 – One of the best bidets for under $1000. This model has all of the the bells and whistles, and all of the features that you need. Another plus is that it is made of quality materials. If you can afford it, this is the bidet for you. Click here to buy now.

We hope this guide helped you decide on a bidet that fits your needs. Please don't hesitate to phone us, or use our chat feature to for immediate assistance.

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