1. Will it fit my toilet?

A - This is one of our most asked questions. There's a very good chance the bidet of your choice will fit your toilet. If you want to know for certain, please visit our "Will It Fit?" page. If you're still not sure, please email us at support@bidet.org

2. Why do bidet prices vary so much?

A - Bidet prices vary usually depending on the features they have. Some are basic and have minimal features while others have all the bells and whistles. You can take a look at our comparison chart here, to see which bidets have which features.

Aside from features, prices vary from brand to brand. Just like other retail products, TVs for example, prices can vary depending on the company's marketing, product costs, quality of parts, etc.

However, unlike TVs, our bidets come with warranties ranging from 1-3 years, providing our customers confidence in the product they select.

3. What bidet do you guys recommend?

A - Our number one recommendation is the Brondell Swash 1000. Brondell is an award winning company that has proven itself over several years. They have one of the highest customer satisfaction rates, you just know, you're making a great investment. When it comes to bidets, the Swash 1000 has set the bar.

4. What bidet under $100 do you recommend?

A - The Luxe Bidet Neo 250 is priced in the middle of the pack of the non-electric bidets and has most of the popular features.

However if you want all the features of a non-electric seat, the Neo 320 is only $16 more.

5. Can I install the bidet myself?

A - All of our bidets can easily installed by the homeowner. You will need an electrical GFI outlet near the toilet if you are buying an electric bidet. The seat is compatible with any 120V outlet. If renovating your bathroom and installing a new plug, a GFCI outlet is recommended (these are the common bathroom outlets with the 'reset' and 'test' features on them). Please ensure that you comply with all local and state building code requirements. The power cord on the electric bidets range for 3.5-4 feet.

6. Will this great affect my energy bill?

A - Our bidets cost only pennies per week. With state of the art built in energy saving functions, the bidets are 'sleeping' until you sit down and the sensors wake it up. The result is very little energy used to operate an electric bidet.

7. What is your return policy?

A - Because of hygienic issues, any bidet installed or used cannot be returned for a refund. If you have a unique toilet, it is ideal to make sure the bidet fits your toilet. Use our "Will It Fit?" page, and even email us pictures of your toilet if you need. We pride ourselves on our amazing customer service. If you have any issues after the purchase of your bidet, please contact us immediately.

8. Do the bidets have warranties?

A - The bidets listed on Bidet.org all carry a warranty. Warranties range from one year to three years, depending on the brand an model. The manufacturers and ourselves stand behind the products we carry. All bidets are UL certified. UL certification requires extensive testing to verify quality and durability. Our bidets are made to last. If you have any possible issues, please contact us immediately, and we will help resolve your issue.

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