One of the most common questions we receive is "Will the bidet fit my toilet?" Our initial thought is yes, it probably will. Bidet toilet seats were designed with a universal design in order to fit as many toilets as possible. However some toilet manufacturers want unique toilets and this can cause issues to arise. That being said the majority of our bidets will fit 98% of the toilets on the market. We've included specifications for each seat, in case you have any doubt, and hopefully in this article we can erase any further questions or concerns.

Round Toilet vs Elongated Toilet

The first step in purchasing a bidet toilet seat is determining if your toilet is round or elongated. It can be a bit confusing, so we hope these steps help clear up any confusion. First, the elongated toilet will be oval shaped, like an egg, where as a round toilet is close to being a perfect circle. However, it still may be difficult to tell which toilet you have without having another toilet to compare with, so the next step is to measure your toilet length. Measure from the bolt holes at the rear of the toilet bowl, to the front edge of the toilet. A general rule of thumb is if the length is less than 18" it is a round toilet, and if it's greater than 18" it is an elongated toilet. Please see the image below, which contains the most common toilet dimensions.

elongated vs round toilet seat

Two Piece Toilets

If you have a two piece toilet then there's a 99% chance any bidet we carry will fit your toilet. We haven't come across a two piece toilet yet that would not accommodate one of our bidets.

One Piece Toilets

The good news is that almost all one piece toilets are compatible with our bidets. There are a small handful of toilets that may have some issues however. Toilets that have a curved tank, or curves that slope towards the front of the toilet called french curves, may have a difficult time fitting the bidet toilet seat in some cases.

Bio Bidet and Infinity both have bidets which have wider back ends. On some toilets that have curves these bidets may not fit the toilet. If you have a 1.75" clearance (see image below) in between the mounting holes on your toilet and the back of the toilet, all the way across the fixture, then Bio Bidet and Infinity will fit your toilet. If there is some curve and there isn't enough clearance our other brand may suit your needs better though.

bidet clearance

Bidets from Blooming, Brondell, and Clean Sense can all fit toilets with some curve. Blooming is the most compatible toilet seat we carry and will fit almost every toilet on the market with a few exceptions.

Kohler San Raphael

Kohler San Raphael bidet

The San Raphel by Kohler is a popular design with some unique curves to it. Both a curved tank and french curves on the side mean there aren't many bidets that fit this model. In fact there is only one bidet we recommend, the Blooming NB-1063. All other bidets simply won't fit properly. If you own the San Raphael, or are in the market to purchase one, the Blooming bidet will be your best bet.

Kohler San Rialto

Kohler San Rialto bidet

This toilet model is similar to the San Raphael but it has a shorter toilet seat length, which makes it even more difficult for a bidet to fit. Technically the Brondell Swash 1000 can work on this toilet, but the seat will have a 1-2" overhang on the base and that isn't aesthetically pleasing.

Compact Elongated

The compact elongated toilet was designed to give customers an elongated seat, but compacted into a round sized toilet. The idea behind this new design is to save space in smaller bathrooms. The issue with these toilets is that with the shortened design an elongated seat is going to hang over the edge of the front of the toilet by approximately 1". Once again this is functional but it is not aesthetically pleasing.

The only other option is to use a round bidet toilet seat. The purpose of the compact elongated is to have more room, and adding a round bidet toilet seat defeats the purpose of this design. The upside is that the bidet will align nicely with the compact elongated toilet. In the end it is up to the user. Do you want the comfort of an elongated toilet with a bidet that hangs over the edge of the toilet? Or do you want a round bidet seat on your elongated toilet?

If you want to be 100% certain the bidet of your choice fits your toilet please take a picture of your toilet, with measurements, and email it to us at We love to help!

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