Baby Wipes Vs Bidets

Baby Wipes Versus Bidets: Moist Wipes are Not the Solution According to City Officials in New York

We all want to be clean after we use the bathroom, and bidets have become far more common in New York and many other areas of the world. Many people choose to use wet wipes or baby wipes to help get completely clean without having to purchase and install a bidet, and this may seem like a solution but some lawmakers in New York want to ban flushable wipes because these may actually be causing enormous problems and costing taxpayers a lot of money.

A bidet is environmentally friendly, it does not cause any problems in the sewer system, and it involves a one time purchase. Baby wipes and so called flushable moist wipes do not offer these same benefits, and they have several other drawbacks as well.

baby wipes in boxMoist wipes are touted as an effective alternative for toilet paper, and many are designated as flushable. The truth is completely different, and many of these products end up clogging sewer pipes and sewage treatment plant equipment. Wipe manufacturers say that some products decompose and break down faster than others, and they believe that consumers should do some research before buying these products.

Two New York lawmakers, councilman Donovan Richards and councilman Antonio Reynoso, have introduced a bill that would make it illegal to advertise or label any moist toilet wipes as flushable. The bill was proposed after city officials reported that tens of thousands of moist wipes are recovered from the sewage system in New York City on a daily basis. The city officials have stated that these wipes do not break down like toilet paper, and they are costing taxpayers a considerable amount of money because they are clogging pipes and equipment and must be removed.

According to Department of Environmental Protection Deputy Commissioner Vincent Sapienza taxpayers are bearing the burden of costs associated with moist wipe removal, and he commented "We have to pass that cost to everybody that pays for water." If the moist wipes bill passes and becomes law then moist wipe manufacturers could receive a fine of $5,000 for advertising, marketing, or labeling a moist wipe as a flushable product.

The same problem exists in many other cities across North America. Unlike bidets the use of moist wipes involves an ongoing cost, because new packages must be purchased on a regular basis. These products create considerable waste which must be disposed of, and they cause plumbing and sewer system issues and clogs even when the wipes are designated as a flushable product. A bidet does not include any of these drawbacks, and there are models which can be purchased for less than $100 in most areas.

Using flushable moist wipes is a compromise between using dry toilet paper and investing in a bidet, but this compromise comes at a great cost. A bidet simply uses water to clean and soothe your delicate areas, eliminating waste products while staying gentle on your skin. There is a small initial cost and no added waste to the planet, and you do not have to be concerned about sewage clogs or plumbing problems.

As an adult you want to be clean and comfortable when you finish your bathroom routine, and you also want to help the planet, keep the sewage system clear, and keep your costs down. Flushable moist wipes are not the answer. Save the baby wipes for the babies in your family and invest in a bidet instead. This type of bathroom appliance may seem unusual until you try one, but once you have experienced a bidet you will quickly realize why this is the ultimate bathroom solution and a win win solution.

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