A Toilet with A Bidet – The Ultimate Luxury

bidet toilet ib-835

Bidets have come a long way since we first started selling them four years ago. People were hesitant to try them. They were reluctant to put a bidet seat on their toilet, and they were afraid to talk about them with their friends and family. Boy have we come a long way since then. Bidet toilet seats are starting to become mainstream. People are more open to not only talk about them but recommend them to friends. Once someone tries our bidets, there is no going back, they fall in love with them. We were so confident in our bidets that we were the first company to put a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our bidets. That may not seem like a big deal, but because bidets are hygienic products, any returns we receive, we must dispose of them. We can’t resell them, we simply lose money… and it can be several hundreds of dollars. But it is very rare someone returns a bidet once they see how well they clean.

Today We Introduce the Bidet and Toilet Combination

We started from the non-electric bidet attachments, and they are still as popular as ever. They work great and they are affordable. Next the bidet market went hi-tech and the bidet toilet seats went electronic. These electronic seats added every single function you could imagine, from heated water, heated seat, remote control, deodorizer, adjustable pressure, and more. So, what’s next? It’s the all in one bidet toilet combo. A bidet toilet seat replaces your existing toilet seat, and rather easily. The whole install process only takes as little as 20 minutes.

The new toilet with bidet combo is a stand-alone toilet with a bidet built into it. This is the ultimate bathroom luxury. Whether you’re building a new house, replacing your toilet, or remodeling your restroom, the toilet has become a show piece rather than an eye sore. Kohler and Toto started the trend with their own versions, running upwards of several thousands of dollars. Bio Bidet has jumped into the ring and created their own version, the IB835, at a fraction of the price.

What Does It Cost and Why Buy A Stand-Alone Bidet and Toilet?

We are able to sell the Bio Bidet IB835 for $1699, more than half the price of comparable models. Does it lack in features and function? No. The Bio Bidet IB835 has almost identical features as the competitors and with the same three-year warranty.

The toilets with built in bidets offer a compact, streamlined design. They are sleek and modern… who would have thought you’d ever say that about a toilet? As bidet lovers, we think they are beautiful! If you want the ultimate luxury bathroom, then a bidet toilet combo is what you want. Are they for everyone? No. We never like to push any of our visitors onto products that are out of their budget. Our bidet toilet seats do a fine job cleaning and are less expensive! Even the electronic seat may be out of your budget, our non-electronic bidets also do an amazing job cleaning! It all depends on your budget and what features you need. Some can’t live without a warm water wash, some don’t care. Some absolutely love the heated seat and can’t imagine sitting on a cold seat again. In the end, it is your decision.
We’re living in an age of smart products and it has reached the bathroom. Smart mirrors and smart showers are hitting the market, it only makes sense for toilets to follow suit!

Click here to check out the Bio Bidet IB835.

Here are some of the features the IB835 has:


• 2 in 1 unique nozzle system
• Oscillating
• Wide cleaning
• Pulsating
• Massage cleaning
• Satisfying posterior cleaning
• Soft feminine cleaning
• Bubble infusion
• Nozzle self-clean
• User controlled continuous warm water


• Wireless remote with LCD window
• Auto Flush
• Adjustable heated seat
• Powerful deodorizer
• Intelligent body sensor
• Adjustable warm air dry
• Slow closing
• Quick release for easy cleaning
• Automatic power save

ib-835 remote

Bio Bidet wanted to make ordering a breeze. Not only is there free shipping to your door, but installation is quick and easy.

If you want the best of the best for your bathroom, a toilet with a built in bidet is the way to go! Click here to see more!

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