What Does It Cost To Install A Bidet?

All the Costs Required to Install a Bidet

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Buying a bidet might not require all the elaborate expenses you previously thought were needed because there are cheap yet practical options available. For some bidets, the cost required to install it won’t seem like much either.

When you first traveled abroad outside the United States, you were probably in shock to see something that resembles a urinal or sink right next to your toilet.

Don’t be alarmed because you’re not in the wrong bathroom. All genders can use this device because it is meant to clean your genital area as well as the area surrounding it.

You can forget about having to use toilet paper and irritate your behind when you can thoroughly clean yourself with water and soap.

In fact, a majority of households throughout Europe have this device in their bathrooms. This device is called a bidet. Since bidets aren’t commonly found in American households, they tend to be more expensive to purchase. This isn’t even including installation costs because that is a whole other matter entirely.

The type of bidet you desired to be installed will dictate how expensive the installation process itself will be. For some bidets, you can readily install them yourself. However, if you plan on having a bidet seat installed, you’ll need to hire a plumber to adjust your water pipes. That alone will cost you a lot of money.

Below, you will find more details regarding the price of installing a bidet. This will prove to be useful so you have an idea as to how much the entire process will cost you rather than be blindsided later on by unforeseen costs.

How much does a bidet cost?

Ceramic bidets

These type of bidets tend to follow the stand-alone style, which is a bidet that'll be set up separately from your toilet. Normally, countries outside the United States place a stand-alone ceramic bidet right next to their toilet seat in the bathroom.

The cost of these bidets can start at a minimum of $250 and can go for as high as $700. If you end up going for a well-known name brand such as Kohler, the price might even go higher than expected.

Bidet Toilet Seats

bidet seat install

If your bathroom is already crammed as it is, then you don’t have to settle for not having a bidet at all. This is because you can readily install a bidet directly onto your toilet seat.

More specifically, you'll be installing an electric version of the bidet to your toilet seat, which is otherwise referred to as a Washlet.

If you wish to purchase a bidet toilet seat, then expect it to cost you around $300. In America, the standard price for bidets will be much higher since there aren't many bidet manufacturers over there. This means that purchasing a bidet toilet seat in America can cost you around $550 or more.

Handheld Bidets

If you wish to control the direction of the water-spraying, then it would be wise for you to buy the hand held bidet. By being able to hold the water-spraying attachment with your hands, you can truly make sure you clean as much of your lower regions as you can.

Handheld bidets could be attached to the side of your toilet for as low as $35. Some more advanced handheld bidet options can have a $200 price tag, so it's up to you to decide which bidet suits your needs the best.

How much does it cost it install a bidet toilet seat?

Ceramic Bidet

If you have a ceramic bidet installed, then you should expect to dish out more cash. To install this type of bidet, you need to consider setting aside around $250 for labor costs and supplies. Since you have to adjust your existing plumbing to accommodate for a bidet, your costs can even reach up to $1000.

Bidet Toilet Seats

With a bidet toilet seat, you don't require the needs of a plumber, but that of an electrician. You'll require an electrician to install an electrical outlet nearby the toilet. This can run anywhere from $25-$100, often it isn’t a very complicated job for the electrician. These bidets are easy to install, and since no plumber is required, you can get this device going for under 20 minutes.

Most people end up buying bidet toilet seats because they are cost-effective when it comes to its installation process. If you happen to have an electrical outlet three feet near your toilet, then an electrician won't even be necessary.

Hand Held Bidet

You don't have to hire professional services to install a handheld bidet because you can do it yourself. There are even tutorial videos online that can tell you step by step how to get a handheld bidet installed.

This would mean that the handheld bidet is your cheapest bidet option if you prefer to give the device a test run before you invest in a bidet toilet seat a ceramic bidet.

We hope that the information above was detailed enough for you to make a well-rounded decision regarding whether or not you want a bidet installed in your bathroom. You have three options to choose from, so you’ll have to choose wisely.

The device that will give you the most cleansing experience should be the one that you use as your bidet. We would strongly recommend purchasing a bidet toilet seat simply because of the convenience and ease of use it offers.

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