7 Silly Bidet Myths

confused lookThere are quite a few common misconceptions about the bidet. We're going to clear those up for you today and show you why these are, in fact, the greatest thing since toilet paper.

Maybe your friend who just went to Japan told you about his first experience with a bidet. Perhaps you stumbled across a random Buzzfeed article describing this revolutionary new “bum gun.”

If you're like most people, you probably raised an eyebrow and filed the information away as an interesting fact to bring up at your next house party. You probably have never considered using one, and as a result, you probably have some common misconceptions about what exactly they are and how they work.

We’re here to tell you that they will revolutionize your life. They will allow you to walk away from the lavatory every time feeling like the cleanest man alive. You will be able to walk around your home and office with improved confidence and the swagger of a man who looks and smells his best.

Bidets aren't weird, they're great. They will change the way that you look at your personal hygiene. Unfortunately, they've become the brunt of dirty jokes and Hollywood comedies. You deserve the bigger picture, though. Let's take a few minutes to debunk the 7 biggest bidet myths.

#1- Bidets Are A Pain To Install

When most people think of anything that has to do with their plumbing system, they automatically assume that they will need to call their contractor and drop thousands of dollars. Just because they cutting-edge technology doesn’t mean that they’re hard to install. Most modern bidet systems are designed to be incredibly user-friendly.

Usually, the only installation that's required is a few clip-ons and attaching a small tube to your existing toilet water supply. It's quick as can be and is so easy that a ten-year-old could do it. You won't have to call a contractor or a plumber.

#2- Bidets Are Another Useless Fad

Most people think to themselves, “Why on earth would I need to have my bum sprayed out every time I use the bathroom?”

You probably think that it’s just another fancy and useless toy for the rich and famous. You’re probably wondering what the difference between a bidet and a 24K gold-plated toilet is.

Using a bidet can actually greatly improve your hygiene. Keeping your bum clean can prevent lots of bacteria from developing. It can also prevent over-stress and inflammation which can eventually cause hemorrhoids.

As you can see, not just another useless fad.

#3- Bidets Feel Funny

At first, the idea of a bidet sounds funny. Most grown adults can’t remember a time where they had water sprayed where the sun doesn’t shine. To many people, this sounds like a very unpleasant and uncomfortable situation.

Sure, it may be a little bit awkward getting used to at first, but after you do, you’ll love it. Your daily bidet wash will feel like a short bath in the fountain of youth. You may even find an excuse to go to the bathroom when you don’t need to.

#4- Bidets Will Raise My Water Bill

This is a valid concern. However, it is a myth. Sure the bidets may require you to use a little bit more water than you otherwise would, but the amount is negligible. Bidets use an average of one-tenth of a gallon to complete a full one-minute wash.
To put this into perspective, an average toilet flush uses over 3 gallons, and you have no problem flushing your toilet. You’ll also be saving yourself from having to purchase wet wipes every week, so the price definitely evens out.

bidet toilet

#5- Bidets Are Messy

When most people think of jets of water, they envision a fire hydrant that has just blown and is spraying out thousands of gallons a minute and destroying everything in its path. However, this simply isn’t the case with modern bidets.

Bidets are specially engineered to only release the perfect amount of water in a predefined trajectory. They won’t automatically trigger or spray everywhere and flood your bathroom. This is just a myth that you see in Hollywood comedy.

#6- It Doesn’t Matter If I Use A Bidet

Besides promoting your personal hygiene, using a bidet is helping you to save the rainforest. That’s right, people who install and regularly use a bidet use up to 50% less toilet paper than they previously did.

Let's put things in perspective. The global use of toilet paper destroys 27,000 trees every day. If everybody were to implement a bidet into their home and office, then we could drastically make a dent in that number.

The rainforests are important to our ecosystems. They produce the necessary oxygen that is vital for human survival, and each square mile contains thousands of unique species of animals. Every bit of extra toilet paper that we waste is damaging that fragile ecosystem.

#7- Bidets Are Unsanitary

You may have some rather vivid imagery when it comes to how bidets operate. The thought can be a little bit controversial at first, and then you start thinking about all of the gross things that happen down there. There's no way that the bidet nozzles can remain clean in the long run, can they?


This feature was one of the first that was considered by the engineers. Almost all bidets have a self-cleaning system. After they are used, they will usually automatically retract into special hygienic cleaning chambers. After cleaning, they will emerge as good as new!

Why You Should Own A Bidet

We sincerely hope that this article has proven the usefulness of the bidet. We have done our best to debunk some of the common myths that prevent most people from introducing this wonderful technology into their home.

Bidets are incredibly easy to install, and most homeowners can have theirs ready to use within a day. In addition to this, they are clean, easy-to-use, and they won't turn your bathroom into the waterworks. Also, every time that you use your bidet you can walk away knowing that you just helped to save our planet's ecosystem.




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