We've Added Our First YouTube Video!

Striving to be the best, we've now added our first YouTube video to our YouTube channel.

We've adding a well produced video on the Brondell Swash 1000. It's a great video showing the technology, features and how the bidet toilet seat works. It really gives viewers a great idea of how these bidet toilet seats work. Other brands may be slightly different, but the majority of bidet toilet seats work in a similar fashion.

This is just the start of our channel, as we hope to add numerous more videos. We will eventually be adding videos of each individual product, as well as reviews, how-to installs and more.

Bidet toilet seats and attachments are new to a lot of people so we want to do our best explaining how these amazing products work. Remember, we are always here to help, either by phone, email or live chat. We want to do everything we can to provide the absolute best customer experience.

Click here to view the video and out new channel!

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