Bidets for Pregnancy and After Child Birth

pregant womanBidets are becoming incredibly popular for many people, and with good reason. These appliances are being used all across the world for cleaning after bathroom use, and they are gaining in the USA as well. One of the times when a bidet can be especially helpful is during pregnancy and the postpartum period, when various bidet functions can provide soothing, cleaning, and even help to promote better healing in most women.

Bidets can be found in a wide range of price ranges, and there are inexpensive and extremely basic bidet models as well as more costly versions which may offer an extensive variety of features. A bidet can help with some of the most common problems during pregnancy and after childbirth, and a number of ob/gyn specialists recommend this type of appliance for women if it is a possibility.

Bidets Can Help With Hemorrhoids, a Common Pregnancy and Postpartum Problem

Very few women make it through pregnancy without developing hemorrhoids, and these can be very painful at times. The pressure of the growing baby can lead to pressure in the lower pelvic area that can contribute to hemorrhoids. Bowel movements may become more difficult as pregnancy progresses and the fetus presses on the bowels. The straining required during natural childbirth can also cause hemorrhoids to develop.

A bidet can be invaluable for any woman who has developed hemorrhoids. Keeping the area around these varicose veins clean is very important to ensure that no infection can gain a foothold. Every bidet model will help cleanse the peri-anal area with water so that you stay cleaner and there is no chance of bacterial growth due to missed stool. Toilet paper and repeated wiping can irritate hemorrhoids and make them bigger and more painful. According to Ob-gyn Michele M. Hakakha, MD "Hemorrhoids are a sure bet when a woman becomes pregnant. They often occur with constipation and the straining that ensues in an attempt to have a bowel movement. And we all know that constipation is one of the most common complaints in pregnancy."

Other Bidet Benefits During Pregnancy

Flexibility and mobility decrease as pregnancy progresses, and in the last few months you may find that bending and reaching for normal bathroom related activities is greatly decreased. A bidet can eliminate the need for you to reach behind you or bend forward repeatedly in order to clean yourself after a bowel movement. The gently flow of water will keep you clean without pushing the limits of your flexibility and mobility in the last months of pregnancy.

Another common issue during pregnancy is a vaginal discharge which can become heavy, and many women feel unclean because of this. A bidet can help you feel fresh and clean all day long because the water from the nozzles can wash away any discharge.

Incontinence can be a major problem for women in the later stages of pregnancy, and this is completely normal because of the pressure and weight of the baby on your bladder. A panty liner can help prevent urine leakage from soaking through your clothes, but you are still left feeling soiled. Bidets can quickly clean any urine leakage off your skin and prevent chafing and irritation from incontinence. For many women taking a shower after they experience incontinence from sneezing, the baby kicking, or even just the increase in pressure is too much of a hassle. A bidet can cleanse the area in no time without the need to take a full shower or bath, and keep your skin healthy and intact.

Bidet Use for the Postpartum Period

The benefits of the bidet do not end when you give birth, these appliances can be very beneficial during the postpartum period as well. After childbirth you are probably very sore in the peri-anal area, and you may have stitches or be extremely sensitive in this area. A bidet with adjustable water temperature and water pressure features can help you cleanse and soothe the area without causing any discomfort or pain. In the past a sitz bath soak was recommended for women after childbirth because the warm water helps to ease any swelling and sensitivity, but a bidet will do the same thing quickly and conveniently. This is also a great way to keep any stitches clean and infection free while also minimizing any itching in this area.

A hand held bidet can be used on your baby as well as yourself, and this can be a terrific way to clean your baby without using a lot of wipes which can contain chemicals. There are portable bidet models that you can take with you when you are away from home, so that you can get the bidet benefits even while you are out.

Using a bidet during pregnancy and after childbirth can keep you cleaner, help you compensate for the loss of flexibility and mobility as your pregnancy progresses, eliminate itching and discomfort, and even lower your risk of infection if you required stitches during childbirth.

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