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Luxe Bidet Vi-110 Luxe Bidet Vi-110 box Luxe Bidet Vi-110 controls Luxe Bidet Vi-110 hose

Luxe Bidet Vi-110 Attachment

NOTE: The Luxe Vi-110 has been discontinued. The NEO 120 is the replacement and is identical to the Vi-110. Customers will receive the NEO 120.

One of the convenient and easy to install bidet products on the market is the Luxe Bidet Vi-110. It features on sanitary nozzle that offers fresh water for cleansing. It can be attached to just about any two piece toilet. It can be installed in about 20 minutes with a screwdriver and a wrench.

The Luxe Bidet Vi-110 toilet seat attachment offers a simple to use controller on the right hand side of the bidet. The amount of pressure that is released is controlled by the user. There is no electricity offered with this bidet. It only offers room temperature water as there is no heater or hook up to the warm water supply.

This bidet is very basic, and is doesn't have a dryer. You will still need to use toilet paper with it. Still, it offers the basic features that you do need and that is what counts. It is a terrific product for the price and convenience that it can offer.

All of the materials used to create the Luxe Bidet Vi-110 are durable and long lasting. The braided steel hose is already connected to the bidet. Therefore, you just have to connect it to your sink water supply. The metal core valves are going to last for a very long time. The T adapter allows it to go right to your water supply without risk of leaking. DOUBLE guarantee.

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15 month warranty.

Toilet Seat  
Seat Attachment drop
Warm Water Wash  
Nozzle Guard  
Self Clean Nozzles  
Solid Core Construction drop
Braided Hose drop
Warranty (Months) 15


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