Three bidet ion water filters

Ion Bidet Water Filter (Three Pack)

Investing in an electronic bidet is a great way to enhance your bathroom use experience. It can reduce or eliminate the use of toilet paper. It can also assist you with feeling very clean all day long. In order to protect such an investment, you need to ensure your bidet filter is working like it should. From time to time, it will need to be replaced.

An ion bidet seat water filter helps to remove a variety of elements from the water that will come into the bowl. This includes rust, dirt, sand, and small particles. Without the filter in place, these elements can seriously damage the bidet. The second feature is that the ions in the water help to reduce the risk of bacteria growing.

It is a good idea to replace the water filter in your bidet every 4 to 6 months. If you use the bidet frequently or you have a high volume of debris in the water system, it is best to replace it on the lower end of that spectrum. You won’t have any problems at all installing the new filter for your bidet. It only takes a few minutes and a couple of basic tools. The design is a male and female ended fitting that is ½” in diameter.

Note: Actual filter may be different in color than in picture.

This is a pack of three filters.


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