Bio Bidet BB-600
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Bio Bidet BB-600 Bio Bidet BB-600 shade Bio Bidet BB-600 open Bio Bidet BB-600 controls

Bio Bidet BB-600 Ultimate Bidet Toilet Seat

Consumers interested in a dual nozzle bidet will enjoy the value of the Bio Bidet BB-600 bidet toilet seat. This is an affordable product that has many of the same features you will find on the higher priced products. This bidet is also very well made, and that makes it a great investment that will last for a long time.

The built in power saving feature of the Bio Bidet BB-600 bidet ensures that adding it to the bathroom in your home isn't going to be a huge expense. Not only is the product reasonably priced, but the features ensure that you aren't paying tons of money each month for electricity to operate it.

There is a body sensor within the Bio Bidet BB-600 bidet. This picks up on the presence of someone that is going to use the toilet. As a result, the nozzles are moved forward and the control panel will light up. After cleansing, the consumer can choose from one of three dryer settings.

Even though this is an entry level bidet, it can stand up to those that are more advanced. There is never a chance of it running out of warm water. The Bio Bidet BB-600 has a huge reservoir and holds more than enough water to give you the time you need to get clean after using the toilet.

While this bidet is powerful enough to get you cleaned and dried, it is also very soothing. It is a way to pamper yourself. It is a great option for those that have limiting mobility or that have some health concerns. It can also be used by children.

The easy to access control panel is located on the right hand side of the bidet. The buttons are well marked so that they can be accessed and used as the consumer would like to. Being able to customize the water pressure, water temperature, and even the location of the nozzles is important. DOUBLE guarantee.

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Two year limited warranty.

Nozzles 2
Antibacterial Nozzle  
Self Cleaning Nozzles drop
Remote Control  
Side Panel Control drop
Heated Seat drop
Air Dryer drop
Feminine Wash drop
Adjustable Water Temp drop
Adjustable Water Pressure drop
Spray Width Adjust  
Energy Saving Feature drop
Soft Close Lid drop
Child Settings drop
Automatic Function drop
Sitz Bath  
Sturdy, Can Sit On Lid  
Pulse Mode drop
Enema Feature  
User Presets  
Seat Sensor drop
Fits Most One Piece Toilets drop
LED Night Light  
Available In Beige  
Warranty (Years) 2
Price $399.00

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Two year limited warranty.

  • 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire product for the first year from original date of purchase
  • 75% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire product for the second year from original date of purchase

BB-600 Toilet Fit Guide

The Bio Bidet BB-600 fits almost all one and two piece toilets. The one exception is toilets similar to the below design.

Bio Bidet BB-600 fit guide

Bio Bidet's toilet seat style has a wider rear than some of the other brands. Because of this your toilet will need atleast 1.75" clearance all the way across between the mounting holes on the toilet and the back of the tank (see image below). If your toilet tank has some curve to it, Brondell will probably fit your toilet. If you are unsure if Bio Bidet will fit your toilet, please take a picture and send it to us at, we'd love to help you find the right fitting bidet for you.

bidet clearance

BB-600 dimenions:

bb-600 dimensions


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