Compact nozzle bidet
Olympia compact bidet
Compact nozzle bidet Olympia compact bidet

Olympia Compact Bidet

Handy Travel Bidet at your Fingertips

You don’t have to stay close to home to enjoy the benefits of a bidet. Your lifestyle may keep you away from home regularly. With the Hygienna Solo, you can take it with you anywhere. No one is going to know either as it takes up very little room. This travel bidet is simple to use – making it the perfect solution.

The small size of the Hygienna Solo means you can discreetly take it with you. It can fit into your briefcase or purse. It can also be slipped into your pocket, and no one is going to know what you have. Some travel bidets are large and bulky, making it hard to keep them discreet or to find a good place to store them when you travel.

The Hygienna Solo portable bedit features a nozzle that is angled. This allows the flow of water to reach the location for washing the body with ease. The stream of water is very effective for cleansing, and can reduce or eliminate the use of toilet paper. There isn’t anything complicated involved in using it.

The cost of this product is also very affordable. You aren’t going to put a huge dent into your budget when you order it. This is going to be something you want to order several out though – so that you can give them to various members of your family. Keep one at the office too so that you always have it readily available.

With the Hygienna Solo portable bedit, you can cleanse your body the way you want to. It won’t matter where you are to complete your business! You will feel cleaner and the process is quite hygienic. Give it a try today – and then this will be a device you keep handy from that point on!

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