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Clean Sense DIB-1500 bidet Clean Sense DIB-1500 seat Clean Sense DIB-1500 open Clean Sense DIB-1500 controls

Clean Sense DIB-1500

Finding a bidet that works well, cleans well, and is great priced is a complete package. That is what consumers find with the Clean Sense DIB-1500 bidet toilet seat. There isn't anything lacking with the product that would make you wish you had spent more on a higher priced model out there. Being able to learn how to use the features is simple, and that means you can customize the use of it for your needs.

There is one nozzle featured with the Clean Sense DIB-1500 and that is more than sufficient. The design of it is very impressive in terms of how you can adjust it to clean both the front and the back. In fact, many consumers state that it works better than many of the two nozzle bidets out there they have tried.

With a sensor in place, it will start to warm the seat as soon as someone sits down. You can pick from one of three heat settings. During certain times of the year, you may wish to turn that feature off. You will never run out of warm water for cleansing due to the no tank system in place. This means you can use all the water you need to feel fully clean.

You get to adjust the water pressure and the water temperature, so you never have to settle with the Clean Sense DIB-1500. Instead, you get the ultimate level of clean and you get it all with plenty of convenience. If you often worry about lingering odors in your bathroom after using the toilet, you won't have to. This model features a powerful deodorizer. There are three drying settings too so you can make sure that part of your experience is also to your liking. A couple of extra features that you may benefit from include the pulse and the massage settings. They, along with the other controls, are found on the control panel. It is conveniently found on the right hand side of the bidet. DOUBLE guarantee.

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One year warranty.

Nozzles 3
Antibacterial Nozzle drop
Self Cleaning Nozzles drop
Remote Control  
Side Panel Control drop
Heated Seat drop
Air Dryer drop
Feminine Wash drop
Adjustable Water Temp drop
Adjustable Water Pressure drop
Spray Width Adjust  
Energy Saving Feature drop
Soft Close Lid drop
Child Settings drop
Automatic Function  
Deodorizer drop
Sitz Bath  
Sturdy, Can Sit On Lid  
Pulse Mode drop
Enema Feature drop
User Presets  
Seat Sensor drop
Fits Most One Piece Toilets drop
LED Night Light drop
Available In Beige  
Warranty (Years) 1
Price $359.00

One year warranty.

  • 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire product for the first year from original date of purchase

Clean Sense DIB-1500 Toilet Fit Guide

The Clean Sense DIB-1500 fits almost all one and two piece toilets. The one exception is toilets similar to the below design. It will fit toilets with some curve, but not steeper curves. If you are unsure if our bidets will fit your toilet, please email us a picture of your toilet to, we would love to help.

Clean Sense DIB-1500 fit guide


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