The Benefits of Bidets for Seniors

Seniors take great pride in being independent and taking care of themselves, and a bidet can help many seniors live independently for longer and stay more active. Today's seniors are highly capable and they enjoy many activities that seniors in the past did not, but aging takes a toll on the body. As you age you may notice that you lose flexibility, and your range of motion and movement ability decreases as time goes by. This happens to everyone as they get older, and it can be an obstacle to independence for seniors unless steps are taken to prevent this from happening.

Sometimes an injury can make cleaning yourself after you go to the bathroom difficult, and sometimes the aging process may make reaching behind you fully to wipe after going painful or even impossible. A bidet can minimize or even eliminate these problems and help you live on your own without assistance while ensuring that proper hygiene is not ignored. Aging skin also becomes more sensitive, and even minor irritation can cause skin tears and other issues. These conditions can lead to infection if you do not keep your genital and anal area clean and waste free.

Bidets come in many models, and you can find various features which may make life a little easier if you are a senior. A heated seat can take the chill off a bathroom visit during colder weather, and this may also help relax your muscles and soothe any muscle pain that you have. There are models with lights which can help you see in the middle of the night so that there is no need to turn on glaring overhead lights. As a senior it is difficult enough to get back to sleep once you wake up needing to use the toilet, and bright lights are the last thing you need. Trying to navigate your way in the dark is not an option because you could fall or injure yourself.

Aging comes with enough issues and obstacles, you should not need to have to struggle just to use the bathroom and clean yourself properly. The right bidet model can clean and cool your bottom and genital area without causing any irritation or chapping your skin. Aging skin gets drier and may chap or crack easier. Using a bidet and then gently wiping yourself dry is far superior to toilet paper when it comes to good skin care. If you are a senior then the odds are that you suffer from other issues like hemorrhoids, constipation, and other digestive problems, and a bidet can help relieve some of the symptoms experienced.

As a senior you can stay clean and fresh with a bidet even if you have a limited range of motion or you are not as flexible as you used to be. This fixture can help you stay independent and active, while keeping you comfortable and ensuring that you are properly cleaned after each bathroom use. Bidets can range from inexpensive models that fit onto your existing toilet seat to stand alone fixtures which may be much more expensive, so there is a perfect model for every senior.

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